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The Garifuna 2006 History and Heritage Calendar

Greg Palacio
Type: Calendar

Our Price: $24.97

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This Garifuna calendar features thirteen of the most beautiful paintings of the Internationally known Garifuna painter, Greg Palacio. Every month of the year is carefully crafted with a large painting that covers the entire top page and calendar view at the bottom page.

Each calendar month contains the day of the weeks and name of the months in English, Spanish and Garifuna for your educational purposes. At the bottom right or upper left, the calendar page shows the previous and next month for quick reference.

A key feature that makes this Garifuna calendar unique is the historical printing of major events dates, celebrations within the Garifuna community as well as birthdays of important Garifuna people that have made major contributions, such as Dr. Alfonso Sanchez Lacayo, T.V. Ramos and many more.

In addition to Garifuna specific events, the calendar also includes well known dates such as Mother?s Day, the birthdays of Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr and Bob Marley among many.

Most calendars are made to be used for one year only. With the premium high quality color glossy paintings and the special addition of the year 2006 and 2007, this calendar has been made to last you a life time and be completely usable for the years 2006 and 2007.

Start the year 2006 with this unique and priceless Garifuna calendar or offer it as a precious gift to your friends or family members.

The Garifuna also known as Garinagu or Black Carib, are descendants of Arawaks of South America, the Caribs of the Lesser Antilles of the Caribbean, and peoples from the coast of Africa.

Garifuna are one of the few blacks in the New World who have kept their language and culture.

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