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Umalali Garifuna - The Garifuna Voice - La Voz Garifuna

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Type: CD

List Price: $15.00
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Our Price: $9.97

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Intro 0:24
Nag?t? - Mi Abuela - My Grandma 4:05
Mandil?n 3:44
Buyei Curandero - Medicine Man 3:27
Aban F?luma - Un Coco - One Coconut 4:07
Arabu - El Monte - Forest 3:23
Santa F? - Giriga 3:20
Ella Baila Punta - She Dances Punta 3:28
Megeinaru Nuguchun - Necesito a mi madre - I need my mother 4:04
Langi Garifuna - Muy Mezquino - He is stingy 4:12
Soy Catracho - I?m Honduran 4:07
Mix X 6:35
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Headline: Liseme mau !!!
Email: Note: a person who loves good music....

Review: Boy!!! if you guys dont have Macako's new CD then that means you need to go get it now!! and i mean now.!! because this guy Macako would make you dance anywhere you are. And that's a fact!!! Soh agambabai guenle higan!!

Headline: Get Your Dancing Shoes Ready!!!!

Review: This is a great CD! If you want a party where everybody will dance this is the CD for you. I am very pleased with the CD. The beat is excellent very rythmic and lively. This CD will make an excellent gift for the holidays, especially for those who love Garifuna music at its best

Headline: The Hottest Punta Rock Album for 2004
Email: Note: a friend of Macako & Jorge Garifuna

Review: Macako is a very talented percussionist and vocalist. He even commented to me that this album is one of the best of his own creation. He's recorded other music prior to this Umalali Garifuna/Punta Rebane album, but this is one of his best recordings. I just love the whole flavor he puts to the music which strictly Honduran Punta style.

Headline: good beats
Email: Note: an x-ray tech in the U.S. Army.

Review: I like this music, I just started listening to it, i was born in Puerto Barrios, but moved to the United States when I was a kid.

Headline: this cd is worth it
Email: Note: a salvadoren punta lover gracias

Review: i just bought this cd a few days ago and this is a very good cd i especially loved the songs mandillon yo soy catracho and ella baila punta it had me dancing i can,t lie este cd si esta chevere so buy it if you can it,s worth it it,s pura punta catracho style

Write your own review about this product!

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