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Walagante - Garifuna/English

Various Authors
Type: Book

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Since 1802 our people have been speaking Garifuna here in Belize. Although we have been here nearly two centuries, Garifuna has remained a spoken language and has not become a written language for the large majority of Garinagu. But there is a wonderful world of Garifuna literature that lies ahead of us.

Learning to read Garifuna is easy. Have you ever learned to ride a bike, ride a horse or wew on a sewing machine? At first it is difficult, but after a little while, you have the great satisfaction of mastering it and it offers years of enjoyment. reading Garifuna is like that. After just a few lessons you will find that reading Garifuna is easy. You will enjoy reading Garifuna, so why not start now. Bubaruaguounba!