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A Guide to Belizean Cooking

Belize Cookbook Committee
Type: Book

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What a wonderful opportunity and great responsibility the Belizean homemaker has in the hearts and nourishing the bodies of her family, through the preparation of tasty and nutritious meals. Traditionally, Belizean women are known for their good cooking. Recipes have been handed down from generation to generation. In this book we have a collection of both traditional and newer recipes. These recipes have never before been published in a Belizean cookbook. Many have just been written down for the first time. The book is not intended to be a complete collection of Belizean recipes, but contains a selection of the more common dishes from the various ethnic sectors of our population. You will find, for example, the East Indians’ Tacarry, the Garinagu’s Bundiga and Hudutu, the Maya’s Papaksul or the Mestizo’s Iswa and the Creold’s Rice and Beans. The recipes have been categorized according to the various food groups. In each section there is also pertinent cooking and nutritional content information. There are appendices devoted to consumer education, cooking hints, and health and nutrition information. You will also find some interesting pieces of writing which describe cultural aspects of the meaning and use of certain foods in Belizean tradition. In may ways this book is more than a mere “cookbook”.