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UBI SOFT Ghost Recon: Island Thunder PC

Type: Software

List Price: $49.99
You Save: $20.00 (40.0%)
Our Price: $29.99

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Protect Cuba from chaos as one of the world's elite secret soldiers! / Rated M: Mature

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder takes you back to the combat zones of the world, with an all-new mission pack to complete!
Welcome to Cuba in the year 2009. Castro is dead, and the island nation has its first elections. The Ghosts are sent in to help make that first vote proceed without erupting into chaos.
Battle your way across Cuba in eight new single player missions
Survive through strategic use of firepower -- 12 new weapons like the M4 SOCOM rifle and the MM-1 automatic grenade launcher
Five challenging new multiplayer maps and 2 new multiplayer game types
Dangerous new Cuban enemy vehicles, as well as new allies to boost your side
Incredible realism as you experience everything you'd face on the battlefield, with the deadly Ghost Recon!

Weight: 1 lb

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