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Type: Software

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Think you already have what it takes to become a member of Team Rainbow? Thenyou'd better prepare yourself for a deadly reality check. Because masteringother games in the Rainbow Six series may be enough to get you into the ring,but it won't be enough to win the bout.

You'll need to learn complex tactics from actual counter terrorists. Then youput your new found skills to the test in true to life crisis situations. Noother game gives you this opportunity.

A Soldier is Made Not Born

Luck, heritage or twist of fate won't make you a member of team Rainbow. Youcan only do it through hard work, intense planning and a fast trigger finger. Inthis squad based, first person game you'll learn from true experts, so you knowtheir combat tactics are legit.

To learn straight from the best, you'll review video footage of actualcounter terrorist experts. Then, organize your squad and test your new foundskills with 9 new levels.

Each time you master a combat tactic during your Special Forcescertification, you'll earn a ribbon. If you prove you have what it takes, youmay end up being team Rainbow's most lethal weapon ever.

Game Features:

Nine all new levels featuring never-before-seen missions and gameplay.
Stand-alone functionality doesn't require previous versions of Rainbow Six or Rogue Spear.
Custom mission feature allows you to choose game type, map and difficulty.
Gain certificates in combat subjects including hostage negotiation, kits selection, Intel photo analysis and more.
Learn which weapons and equipment are best in various covert situations
Special Bonus Section: The making of Rainbow Six and Rogue Spear.

Weight: 1 lb

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