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The Garifuna Story - Now & Then

Don Justo
Type: Book: Paperback

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(1979): A definitive history of the
Garifuna people;from their inception as Carib Indians in the Orinoco region of South America, through their adventures in the Lesser Antilies and amalgamation into Black Caribs, their deportation, trials and tribulations in their new homeland of Central America, and exodus to the United States. Here, Don Justo vividly relates the horrors that the Garifuna has survived; The St Kitts Massacre, The San Juan Massacre. He wrote; for posterity, about the Legend of Alejo Benni, the famous Garifuna movie stars; The Lavoriels, the Great Garifuna drummer - Isabel Flores, musician - Yau Bante, and of Justo German Loredo Mean - A Garifuna with a Dream. This is a must read for all Garifuna and a literature that should grace all our homes and libraries........