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The Garifuna Story - Now and Then: Book 2

Don Justo
Type: Book: Paperback

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(1993): Is an expansion to Book
1. Book 2 provides a qualitative analysis of the Black Caribs in the Caribbean. Don Justo describes the death of the Garifuna Paramount Leader; Chief Joseph Chatoyer and the subsequent banishment of his people, and their establishment of a new homeland and a new life in Central America. Read here about famous Garifuna sea captains, the political morass that was the country of Honduras from 1832 to 1960 and the devastating effects it had on the Garifuna; the Carib Development Society of Dangriga, Belize; about Zac P. Flores (his father), Pantaleon Hernandez, Domingo Ventura, and Taylor Dolmo - all associates of the famous labor leader of Belize, Tony Soberanis; the Garifuna famous Paranda and modern Garifuna songs recorded the Don, and about Great Garifuna Soccer Players, like Julio Diego, and Trino Benedict.......